AN ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY

Electronic Instruments-pH meter etc.

1 Microprocessor VIS Spectrophotometer range 340-1000nm
2 Microprocessor VIS Spectrophotometer range 340-1000nm with computer interface and software
3 Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Single Beam)190-1100nm
4 Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Single Beam) 190-1100nm with scanning software
5 Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer 190-1100nm (Double Beam)
6 Digital Flame Photometer (Single Channel)
7 Digital Flame Photometer (Single Channel)
8 Micro Processor Flame Photometer with Graphical Display
9 Karl Fisher Titrimeter
10 Digital Potentiometer
11 D.O. (Dissolve Oxygen) Meter Mains operated
12 Portable D.O. Meter
13 Microprocessor D.O. Meter
14 Dry Bath Incubator with 24 holes for12mm tube with PID Controller
15 Digital Melting Point Apparatus temp range up to 275°C / 1°C readability
16 Microprocessor Melting Point Apparatus range up 350°C / 1°C readability
17 Portable Water and Soil Testing Kit 5 parameter fitted in Briefcase
18 Portable Water and Soil Testing Kit 6 parameter fitted in Briefcase
19 Portable Water and Soil Testing Kit 7 parameter fitted in Briefcase
20 Portable Water and Soil Testing Kit 8 parameter fitted in Briefcase
21 Microprocessor Portable Water and Soil Testing Kit 8 parameter fitted in Briefcase
22 Digital pH Meter  New Design
23 Portable pH Meter
24 Pocket pH Meter
25 Microprocessor Graphical Display pH / Temperature / mV Meter
26 Digital pH, Conductivity and Temperature Meter
27 Digital Conductivity New Design
28  Portable Conductivity Meter
29 Pocket Conductivity Meter
30 Digital Conductivity Cum TDS Meter
31 Microprocessor Graphical Display Conductivity / TDS / Salinity/ Temperature Meter
32  Digital Photo Colorimeter with 8 Filter mains operated 400-700nm range
33 Digital Automatic Zero set Photo Colorimeter with finger touch operation
34 Mains Cum Battery operated Photo Colorimeter with rechargeable battery
35 Microprocessor Photo Colorimeter for Consecration, %T, & O.D. measurement and storage 3 standards to avoid frequent use standards
36 Automatic Photo Colorimeter with 9 digital wave length filters 400-700nm mains cum rechargeable battery
37 Digital Hemoglobin Meter with memory for storage samples finger touch operation
38 Digital TDS Meter mains operated
39 Portable TDS Meter
40 Pocket TDS Meter
41 Digital Salinity Meter mains operated
42 Digital Turbidity Meter mains operated NTU and JTU range
43 Microprocessor Turbidity Meter with data storage facility and computer interface through RS 232.
44 Digital Nephelometer mains operated in 2 range up to 200 NTU
45 Digital Colony Counter with data restored facility even power failure and 125 memory storage facility.