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Physics Apparatus-Items

AT Wood Machine 180cm, 240cm
Air Wedge Apparatus
ALINCO Bar Magnets 2”, 3”,4”, 6”
Alkali Cell
Atomic Model Set
Anderson Bridge
 Accumulator 2V-20H Lead Acid Battery
 Amp. Meter DC moving coil type on stand
 Amp. Meter Dual Range DC moving coil type
 Amp. Meter Dual Range A/C moving iron type
 Amp. Meter  Digital AC, DC
 Air Pump Pressure or Vacuum hand operated with 9.5mm dia nozzle
 Autoclaves Portable Joint less  aluminium body
 Autoclave Stainless steel body
Bending of Beam Apparatus
Bending of Beam Apparatus Koeing Method
Bifilar Suspension Apparatus
Bob Pendulum with stand
Barton’s Apparatus
Boyel’s Law Apparatus with double rod
Balance Physical in wooden cabinet Cap. 250g sensitivity 1mg. 100mm pan.
 Balance Chemical in cabinet Cap. 200g sensitivity 0.2mg 70mm pan.
 Balance Electronic Top Loading Precision
 Balance Small Animal Weighing with perforated box and lid.
 Balance for specific gravity measurement
 Battery Eliminators 2v-12v, 2Amp, 3Amp, 5Amp
Battery Chargers output 2v-12v, 5Amp, 10Amp .
 Balance Laboratory Dial scale type
 Baby Weighing Balance
 Blood Pressure gauge Mercury type
 Blood pressure gauge dial type
 Ballistic Galvanometer
 Ball and ring apparatus
Barometer Mercurial wall hanging type
 Barometer Dial type.
 Barlow Wheel Apparatus
 Binocular Microscope, Student, Laboratory, Research
 B.O.D. Incubators
 Biquartz  Polarimeter
 Bi-prism Assembly set up
 Boss head cast iron
 Boss head Fisher type
 Battery Cell Holder  2cell, 4 cell, 6 cell
 Bunsen Burner 12mm dia brass tube with stable base
 Bunsen Burner with stopcock
 Bunsen Burner Advanced
 Burette stand single
 Burette stand double
 Burette clamp for one burette
 Burette clamp for two burette
 Burette clamp Fisher type moulded plastic for one burette
 Burette clamp Fisher type moulded plastic for two burette
Carry Foster Bridge
 Callender & Griffin’s Bridge
 Crompton Potentiometer Bridge
 Crompton Potentiometer Dial Type
 Campbell Bridge complete with accessories
 Characteristic Apparatuses of Semiconductors with Digital Meters
 Compound Bar Pendulum Brass, SS, Iron
 Coupled Oscillator with Stand
Clement Y Desormes Apparatus 5, ltr, 10 ltr
 Cantilever Apparatus with G clamp
 Cantilever Bending Optic Lever expt.
 Cathetometer on tripod vertical scale 0-500mm and telescope
 Clinical Lab Microscope
Chromatography Kit TLC
 Colony Counter LCD reading up to 9999 count.
 Conductivity Meter Digital
 Conductivity Meter Digital Portable
 Conductivity Meter Digital Pocket
Colorimeter Photoelectric Digital 8 filters
 Copper Colorimeter 75x30mm in wooden box
 Cylindrical Magnet 50mm x10mm dia
 Centrifuge Machine 3500 RPM (Clinical) swing out head
 Centrifuge Machine 3500 RPM (Medico)  swing out head
Centrifuge Machine 3500 RPM (Doctor) with  regulator
 Centrifuge Machine 4000 RPM  Laboratory with step-less regulator
 Centrifuge Machine 4000 RPM  Laboratory with step-less regulator
 Centrifuge Machine 5000 RPM  Laboratory with step-less regulator
 Centrifuge Machine 10000 RPM Microprocessor Base Control
 Centrifuge Hand operated 2x15ml, 4x15ml with conical placers.
 Clamp (Mohr clamp) for rubber tube clamping
Clamp ‘G’ for rubber tube clamping
 Clamp (Hoffman) for rubber tube clamping
 Cork Borer set 6 tools 4 to 10mm, 12 tools 4 to 18mm.
 Crocodile clips with insulated sleeves Red & Black
Clay pipes triangular assemble with strong wire, 5cm,  6.5cm, 7.5cm pipes
 Crucible Tong medium bow 150mm, 200mm, 250mm
 Crucible Tong big bow  200mm, 250mm, 300mm
Crucible Tong straight 150mm, 200mm, 250mm
 Connection Wire 100gm pack, 500gm pack
 Charge Discharge Key
 Capacitance Box
 Constantan Wire
 Cooper Plates
 Cooper Rods
 DC Voltmeter, Ammeter in various range
 DC Regulated Power Supplies with Digital Meters
 Desauty Bridge
 Dip Circle Deflection Magnetometer
 Daniel Cell
 Discharge Tubes
 Decade Capacitance Box Single Dial, 2 Dials, 3 Dials, 4 Dial
 Decade Inductance Box Single Dial, 2 Dials, 3 Dials, 4 Dials
 Decade Resistance Box Single Dial, 2 Dials, 3 Dials, 4 Dials, 5 Dials, 6 Dials
 Density Balance
 Dissectable Transformer for Teaching Aids
 D.P. Switch
 Digital Volt Meters in Various range
 Digital Amp. Meter in Various range
 Diamond pencil for glass tube cutting
 Dissecting Magnifier 100mm on stand
 Dissecting Microscope with 10x,20x Magnification
 Dissecting Microscope with Bull Eye lens and 10x, 20x Eyepiece
 Dissecting Stereoscopic Binocular 20x Magnification W/O light
 Dissecting Stereoscopic Binocular 30x Magnification & reflector illumination
 Dissecting Set Junior 7 instruments
 Dissecting Set Senior 14 instruments
 Dissecting Scissor Fine Points 110mm approx
 Dissecting Scissor Fine Points 150mm approx
 Dissecting Scissor Very Fine Point 110mm approx
 Dissecting Scissor Curbed Fine Points open shank110mm approx
 Dissecting Scissor Blunt point 125mm approx
 Dissecting Scalpel
 Dissecting Needle
 Dissecting Pin Stout Steel Spike 55mm with wooden handle
 Dissecting Block Cork Faced 150x75mm
 Dissecting Board 45x30cm made from softened wood
 Dissecting Board 55x40cm made from softened wood
Dissecting Tray Galvanized Steel 25x20x6cm, 30x25x6cm
 Dissecting Tray Enameled 25x20x6cm, 30x25x6cm
 Dissecting Tray Aluminium 25x20x6cm, 30x25x6cm
 Diesel Engine model 2 stroke
 Entomological Microscopes
 Entomology magnifiers
 Entomological Forceps Curbed & Flat end length 120mm Approx
 Entomology student show case
 Electroscope Box type
 Electrophoresis Apparatus, Vertical, Horizontal
 Electromagnet for Sonometer
 Electrical Tuning Fork
 Eureka Wire
Flux Meter
 Fly Wheel 20cm with counter
 Flat Spiral Spring with spherometer
 Four Way Conductivity Apparatus
 Flat Spiral Spring 2” dia X 3” height
 Flame Photometer with Na & K filters with compressor
 Filter Papers Round Cut in 100 Pcs Pack
 Fiber Cold Light Single Pipe
 Fiber Cold Light Double Pipe
 Float Rack autoclable for 16 Nos. micro centrifuge tubes
 Folding Magnifiers
 Foot Pump
Foot Bello
 Free Fall Apparatus
 Forceps S.S. Pointed ends 110mm, 130mm approx
 Forceps S.S. Blunt ends 110mm, 130mm approx
 Forceps S.S. Curved ends 110mm approx
 Forceps S.S. Toothed Tip 130mm approx
 Force Table with 4 adjustable pulley, ring, hanger, weights and stand
 Fresnel Bi-Prism Assembly
 Fresnel Bi-Prism 30 x 40mm, 40x50mm
 Faraday Law Apparatuses
Gold Leaf Apparatus
 Galvanometer 15-0-15, 30-0-30, 50-0-50 Divisions
 Galvanometer (Tangent)
 Galvanometer (Blastics)
 G clamps 2”,3”,4”, 5”. 6”
 Glass Slides
 Glass Slabs
 Glass prisms
 Glass tube cutting machine electrical
 Hallow Prism 38mm
 Hay’s Bridge
 Helmholtz Galvanometer with brass cup
 Hoffman Voltmeter with stand
 Hook’s Law Apparatus with 6”, 12” Scale
 Hand Tally Counter mechanical 4 Digit with rest knob
 Hot Air Ovens in Al chamber, SS chamber
 Hot Plate for laboratory  200mm dia single, double
 Hot plate rectangular 12”x10”, 16”x10”
 Hooks Law apparatus
 Heating Mantle for single flask 50ml to 100ml flask
 Heating Mantle for single flask 250ml to 500ml flask
 Heating Mantle for single flask 1 Ltr. 2 Ltr. 3 Ltr. 5 Ltr.
 Herbarium Press for laboratory use
 Herbarium Press for field use
 Herbarium Cabinet 6 Drawers
 Horse Shoe Magnets Economy, different size
 Hypsometer Medium / Large made of copper
 Hand Magnifiers 1-1/2” , 2”, 3”, 4” dia lens
 Hand Magnifier Illuminated
 Horizontal Plane Apparatus
 Human Torso Full size, Half size
 Human Skelton Full size, Half size
Inertia Bar  (Brass)
 Inertia Disc 6” (Brass) with counter
 Inertia Disc 6” (Brass) with Stand
 Inertia Ring and Ball type
 Inertial Table
 Inertia Table Weight Set
 Inertia Balance
 Illuminator for 4” petri dish
 Inclined plane apparatus with pulley, pan,
 Incubators in Al chamber, SS chamber
 Inertia wheel apparatus
 Induction coil (Laboratory use)
 Inductance Box
Jules Colorimeter
Jaeger’s Apparatus
Kelvin Bridge (Student)
Kelvin Double Bridge (Industrial)
Kater’s Pendulum Iron, Brass, SS
Kater’s Pendulum Tripod stand
Kund’s Tube Apparatus
Krichoffs Law Apparatus verification of KCL and KVL
K Constant Spring Apparatus
Logarithmic Decrement Experiment
Linear Expansion Apparatus (Brass Pipe) Horizontal ½  meter, 1 meter
Linear Expansion Apparatus (Brass Pipe) Vertical ½  meter, 1 meter
Lee’s & Chartion Apparatus with
Lamp & Scale set up with 6v transformer
Leclanche Cell
Light Box for colour mixing
Laboratory Ovens, Incubators
Laboratory Polarimeter-220
Laminar Air Flow Bench  Horizontal, Vertical
 Micrometer Slit / Resolving power slit
 Melde’s Expt. Apparatus
 Measurement of coefficient of absorption of sound for different material
 Micrometer Screw Gauge 0-25mm / 0.01 LC in plastic case
 Movement of Inertia Disc & Ring with counter / stand
 Movement of Inertia of wheel
 Movement of Inertia Table Inco Pattern
 Maxwell Inductance Bridge
 Maxwell Vibration  Needle brass graduated with stand
 Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Apparatus with counter
 Meter Bridge
 Meter Bridge 4 Gaps, 2 Gaps
 Multimeter Analogue
 Multimeter Digital
Magnesium Ribbon 25gm pack
 Magneto Meter Vibration
 Magnetic Bar / paddles for stirrer
 Magnets Economy Class (Bar Magnets pairs)
 Magnets Economy Class (Horse Shoe Type)
 Magnets Economy Class Cylindrical in pairs
 Magnets ALINCO Bar Magnet in pair
 Magnets ALINCO Cylindrical in pair
 Magnet high power round small in different sizes
 Model Steam Engine
 Model Diesel Engine 2 stroke
 Model Petrol Engine 2 stroke
 Model Dynamo AC and DC
 Model DC Motor
 Model Human Torso, Mini, Large
 Microscopes Student, Monocular Inclined, Binocular, Trinocular
 Microscope Stereoscopic Binocular (Entomology)
 Microscope Dissecting
 Magnascope with 5” Fluorescent Ring Light
 Microscope slide 50pc pack
 Microscope Slide Cover slips
 Micropipette stand .
Millikan’s Oil-Drop Apparatus
 Metallurgical Microscope Binocular / Trinocular
 Metallurgy sample polishing machine, Single spindle, Double spindle.
 Melting Point Apparatus
Melting Point Apparatus Digital
 Melting Point Apparatus Precision High Temperature
 Microtome Hand / Table
 Microtome Rocking
 Microtome Erma Design
 Microtome Spencer Design
 Manganin Wire / Coils
Nodal Slide Assembly set up
Newton Colour Disc Model
Newton’s Law of cooling
Newton Law ‘Kulin’
Nichelson Hydrometer
Newton Ring Apparatus in metal frame
Newton Ring Microscope Compact Design
Ni-chrome Wire
Owen Bridge
Optical Bench double rod 1 meter, 1-1/2 meter with brass pipes covered
Optical Bench double rod 1 meter, 1-1/2 meter with SS Rods
Optical Lever Single / Double (Brass)
Ovens Hot Air in Al chamber, SS chamber
Ohms Law Apparatus with power supply
Parallelogram Law of forces
Path Ball Pendulum on base
Pendulum Bobs Brass
Pendulum Simple
Plumb Line Brass Made
Poission Ratio of Rubber Apparatus
Platinum Resistance Thermometer
Potentiometer 4 wire / 10 wire with jokey
Potentiometer Digital
Potentiometer Slide Wire Type
Pullinger Apparatus(Brass) ½ meter wooden
Pousile Apparatus
Paraffin Bath with 6 cups
Periscope Wooden / Metallic
Pathological Microscope
Platinum Wire Loop
 Planimeter fixed index pattern, Sliding bar pattern
 Pulleys  parallel mounted in frame with hook Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple
 Pulleys mounted in line with hook Single, Double, Triple
 Pulley Single with rod 3/8”dia
 Pulley with clamp
 Pulley bench mounting
 Pulley Single Tandem  37, 50mm mounted in frame with hook
 Pulley Double Tandem 37 and 50mm mounted in frame with hook
 Pulley Triple Tandem 25, 37, 50mm mounted in frame with hook
 Post Office box 3 Ratio, 4 Ratio
 Post Office box Dial Type 6 ratio
Power supplies regulated
 Plankton Net
 Photo Electric Colorimeter, 5 Filters, 8 Filters
 Photo Electric Cell
 Polarimeter –200 student with Biquatrz Device
 Polarimeter Laboratory - 220
 Polarimeter –400mm Research
 Polarimeter tubes, 100mm, 200mm, 400mm length
 Polishing & Grinding Machine for metallurgy samples, Single spindle, Double  spindle
 Polishing Board for metallurgy sample
 Polishing Disc
 Polishing paper
 Polishing powder
 Polishing paste
 Pocket Magnifier Folding 10x
 Pinch Clips
 Plug Key, 1way, 2way, 3way, 4 way
Quinke’s Droop Method expt.
Quartz Prism 18mm, 25mm
Reading Telescope made of brass pipe on tripod stand
Reading Telescope with up & down motion on Tripod stand
Reading Telescope with Perspex scale
Resolving Power Slit
Rigidity Apparatus Searl’s Brass
Ring and Ball Apparatus
Rigidity by Dynamical Method
Rising Table with slow motion
Rubber Pad
Rubber Tubing
Resonance Apparatus with 1”, 1-1/2” Brass Pipe
Reading Telescope with scale and leveling system
Reading Magnifier 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
Retort stand with metal Base
Retort Rings
Retort Clamps
Religh Bridge
Rheostats open type with brass rod in different values
Rheostats closed body in different values
 Resistance box with Constantan / Manganin coils and ½ Brass Block
Resistance box 2 dial 99 ohms, 3 dial 999 ohms, 4 Dial 9999 ohms
Resistance Coils in box  different value 5,10.20 ohm
Ripple Tank
Ray Box
Ray Track Apparatus
Research Binocular, Trinocular Microscope
Research Polarimeter –400mm
Search Coil for Determination Flux Density
 Schering Bridge
 Sonometer box type 1 meter long with brass fitting
 Suface Tension By Capillary  Method
  Surface Tension By Drop Method
 Searl’s Surface Tension Balance
 Searl’s Thermal Conductivity Apparatus with 1”x12” Copper Road
 Searl’s Thermal Conductivity Apparatus with 1-1/2”x12” Copper Road
 Stefan’s Constant Apparatus with stand (Copper)
 Simple Pendulum with stand
 Stewart’s & Gee’s Apparatus ½ meter, 1 meter
 Spectrum tubes , Helium, Hydrogen, Iodine, Neon, Nitrogen, Oxygen.
 Spectrum Tube Power Supply
 Spectrophotometer Visible
 Spectrophotometer UV
 Salinity Meter Digital
 Spectrometers  6”, 7”, 9” circles
 Spectrometers ‘Delux’  6”, 7”, 9” circles
Spectrometer Prisms Crown, DF, EDF. DEDF, 32mm, 38mm
 Spectrometer Prism Double Reflection
 Spectrometer Grating 15000 LPI
 Sieve Shaking Machine Electric, Hand operated
 Sieves 8” 10 mesh to 400 mesh
 Shaking Water bath
 Shaking Machine for Bottles
 Shaking Machine for Flask
 Spherometers Brass disc 1-1/2, 2” dia
 Steam Boiler 1 ltr, 2 ltr Copper made
 Steam Trap Cooper made
 Spiral Spring dia 3”,4” height
 Screw Gauge
 Spring Balance Flat shape, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
 Spring Balance Tubular, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg,
 Spring Balance dial type 10kg, 20kg, 50kg, 100kg,
 Student Microscope, Monocular, Monocular Inclined head.
 Slotted Weight 50g, 100g, 200g, 500gm with hanger
 Slotted Weight Brass individual 1, 2, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200, 500gm
 Slotted Weight with hanger ‘Brass’
 Slotted Weight Iron Chrome plated
 Slotted Weight C.I. painted 2.5kg set
 Stirrer Mechanical
 Sodium Light source 35w for Spectrometer / Polarimeter
 Solenoid 1 meter long
 Standard Cell Electronic
 Soil Thermometer
 Soil Hydrometer
 Soil Penetrometer
 Soil Moisture Meter
 Soil Tensiometer
 Soil Sampling Auger Cylindrical, Helical type
 Soil Spatulas Various, Scoop, Cylindrical, Taper shape, Flat & Round end etc.
 Sound Level Meter
 Stand (Supports) with triangular heavy cast base with rod.
 Stop Watch Digital
 Stop Clock Mechanical
 Sprit Level in Brass body 2”, 3”, 4”
 Screw Gauge 0-25mm (1mm pitch)
 Solar Cell with Fan Model
 Solar Cell With LED Model
 Solar Cooker Model
 Solar System Model
 Solar System Electric operated
Torsion Pendulum Disc and Ring
Torsion Pendulum 10” Aluminium
Torsion Pendulum Vertical
Torsion Apparatus Searl’s Horizontal
Torsion Pendulum Vertical ( Barton’s Apparatus)
T.D.S. Meter Digital Table Model
T..S. Meter Digital Pocket
T.D.S. Cell
TLC Kit (Thin Layer Chromatography Kit)
 Tachometer Digital 0 - 9999
 Tangent Galvanometer Single Coil
 Tangent Galvanometer Double Coil
 Tripod stand heavy triangular top
 Tripod stand heavy with round top
 Tube cutter (Glass tube cutter) hand type
 Test tube holders
 Test tube stands. Metal, Plastic
 Torsion Pendulum Apparatus
 Tuning Forks Set of 8 Blue Steel
 Tuning Forks Chrome plated in different frequencies
 Tuning Fork (Electrical)
 Transformer model mounted on board with out put terminal
 Transformer Multi trap Output 2,4,6,8,12VAC, Current output 6Amps.
 Transformer Variable output (Auto transformer)
 Thermal Conductivity Apparatus Lees and Charlton
 Thermal Conductivity of Metals Apparatus
 Thermal Conductivity of Rubber Apparatus
 Thermometer Dry & Wet
 Thermometer 100°C, 250°C, 300°C
 Thermometer Medical
UV Light Cabinet for laboratory
Vibration Magnetometer
Van-de Graff generator manually operated
Viscometer Oswald’s
Viscosity by  Stoke’s method
Viscosity by capillary method
Viscometer Searl’s pattern
Viscosity Oscillating Disc Mayer method
Vortex Shaker for tubes
Vacuum pump heavy duty 32 liter / minute electric operated
Vacuum gauges dial type
Vernier microscopes
Vernier calipers 5”, 6” SS steel.
Vibrograph Electrical
Volt Meter moving coil type on stand
Voltmeter Dual Range DC  moving coil type
Voltmeter Dual Range AC  moving iron type
Weins Capacitance Bridge
Whetstone Bridge (Portable)
Western Cell
Water Distiller 4 / liter per hour made of S.S.
Wall Thermometer
Weight box (Physical)
Weight box (Chemical)
Weight box (Analytical)
Weighing scales
Wheat stone Bridges (Student)
Wimshurst Machine
Wind Mill Model
Wave Motion Apparatus with 18 Pulleys / 24 Pulleys
Wire Gauge Plain, Ceramic, Asbestos
 Water Voltameter with Electrode
 Water Baths electric operated
 Wheel and Axel  experiment
 Worm and Wheel apparatus
 Wire DCC
Young’s modulus Brass, Iron
Young’s Modulus By Newton Rings
Y & N by Flat Spiral spring with spherometer
Young’s Modulus by uniform bending
Z Pulley’s
Zinc Plates
Zinc Rods