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Physics Lab Experiment List

 101 Finding focal length of a concave lens by combination method using plane mirror and U,V method
 102 Determination of the refractive index of a glass / water with microscope
 103 Finding the un-known weight of a body by method of Vector addition of forces
 104 Verification of Hook’s law
 105 Determination of B & M using magnetometer
 106 Measurement of Electron mobility in semiconductor
 107  Determination of Y by bending a beam using Koenig’s method
 108  Voltage – Current relationship in a R-L series current
 109  Calibration of a single phase energy meter by direct loading method and comparing with sub-standard meter
 110 . Power and power factor in a single phase AC current by Wattmeter and power factor Meter
 111   Measurement of the power in a single phase circuit by three voltmeter and three Am-meter method
 112  Polarisation of light by single reflection using Laser
 113 . Bewster’s angle reflection index of glass using Laser
 114   Refractive  index of liquids using Laser and its detector
 115   Malus law (Cosine square law) for polarization of Laser light
 116  Wave length of Laser by diffraction grating method
 117   Plank’s constant by vacuum tube photo cell with 3 filters
118  Di-electric constant of a specimen at high frequency by Lecher wire
 119   Study of P.N. Junction
 120  Hysteresis loop tracer 
 121   Heat capacity of solids
 122  Focal length of a combination of two convergent lens using Nodal Slide assembly
 123  Moment of inertia of a wheel
 124     Measurement of low resistance by industrial kelvin double bridge 
 125  Measurement of EMF and un-known resistance by Crompton potentiometer
 126   Lactic dynamic through electrical analogue experiments
 127   L.B. photometer illuminating power of two given light source of light
 128  Kater’s reversible pendulum (Determination of value of acceleration due to gravity at a place)
 129 Focal length of a convex lens by ploting graphs between u & v and 1/u and 1/v
 130 Calibration of wattmeter using DC potentiometer
 131 Experiment with single phase transformer (Open, short) efficiency and ratio
 132  Voltage and current relation in star and delta connected system
 133  PHASOR sum current in an AC circuit
 134  Cardinal points of a system of two thin convergent lenses separated by a distance
 135 Verification of Newton’s formula
 136  Determination of electronic charge and the work function of a photo metal using vacuum type photo cell
 137  Characteristics of a photo electric cell (Vacuum type)
 138  Thickness of a thin wire using optical bench
 139 Wave length of a monochromatic light by diffraction at a straight edge
 140  Angle between crystal surfaces by spectrometer
 141  Refractive index of prism using Stok’s formula
 142  Calibration of spectrometer by mercury vapour lamp
 143 Mutual inductance by Carey Foster’s method
 144  Mutual inductance by direct deflection method
 145  Comparison of mutual inductance of two pairs of coils
 146  Current sensitivity and voltage sensitivity of a moving coil ballistic galvanometer
 147  Calibration of ballistic galvanometer with standard solenoid and to find out ballistic constant
 148  Refractive index of small angled prism spectrometer
 149  Refractive index of liquids using Laser
 150  Determination of the wave length of sodium light using Lloyd’s mirror
151  Temperature co-efficient resistance for platinum using platinum resistance thermometer
152  Measurement of EMF with thermocouple using DC microvoltmeter and sand bath
153  Study of the verification of magnetic field at the centre of circular coil, when turns remain same and radii vary
154  Study of the verification of magnetic field at the centre of circular coil, when radii remain constant and turns vary
155 Determination of E.C.E. of copper using copper voltameter
156  Determination of E.C.E. of copper using a copper voltameter and tangent galvanometer
157  Determination of E.C.E. of copper and reduction factor of a Hemholt’z galvanometer
158  Laser diffraction experiments
159  Study of different thermocouple for temperature measurement
160  Study of variation of magnetic field intensity with current along the centre of current carrying coil
161  Optical obsorption and polarized intensity measurement using photo resistor
162  Identification of charge type by hall voltage measurement
163  Reduction factor of tangent galvanometer by using copper voltameter
164  Farady effect – magneto optic effect
165  Two dimensional potential mapping
166  Focal length of concave lens by telescope using reflection
167 Determination of lines per centimeter in given grating
168  Measurement of magneto resistance of semi conductor
169  Study the relationship between frequency Vs. length and length Vs. tension of wire using sonometer
170 To find out spring constant of a helical spring from the load extension graph
171  Study of harmonic oscillation, co-efficient of damping, relaxation time and quality factor using simple pendulum
172  Study of oscillation on a Bifilar suspension
173  Study the torsion wire
174  Study of three phase to two phase connection (Scott Connection)
175  Back to back test on single phase transformer
176  Study the law of parallel axes for moment of inertia
177  Study of bending of cantilever
178  To determine the velocity of sound in air with the help of a resonance tube
179  To determine the surface tension of water capillary rise method
180 Heating efficiency of electrical Kettle using Veriac
181 Plank constant by Solar cell / LED
182  To determine temperature co-efficient of resistance of metal (Conductor using platinum resistance thermometer)
183 Study of divergence of Laser beam
184  Study of diffraction of light at a single aperture
185  Demonstrations interference and diffraction phenomena using Laser
186  High resistance by leakage method using ballistic galvanometer
187 To measure the resistance of the given Am-meter and voltmeter
188 Capacitor as a charge storage device
189 Study the behavior of parallel & series charged capacitor
190 The uses of LCR bridge
191 Verification Krichoff’s law (For DC current)