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Physics Lab Experiments Lists

1 Study of photo cell (Selenium)
2 Power factor of AC circuits by Joule’s Calorimeter
3 Determination of resistance of a given wire using P.O. box & specific resistance of the material of wire
4 Determination of internal resistance of a primary cell by MANCE’s method using  P.O. box
5  Determination of resistance of a Galvanometer by KELVIN’s Method using P.O. box
6 Combined set-up of above given expt. No. 03,04,05
7 Determination of internal resistance of a primary cell by using potentiometer
8 Calibration of a Voltmeter with help of a potentiometer
9 Calibration of a Am-meter with help of a potentiometer
10 Study of the variation in potential drop with length of wire using potentiometer
11 Comparison of two small resistance by using a potentiometer
12 Comparison of electro motive forces (EMF’s) of two primary Cells by using potentiometer
13 Determination of mechanical equivalent of heat (J) by electrical method(Joule’s Calorimeter)
14 Determination of Plank’s Constant by solar cell
15 Study of resonance in LCR circuit and damping effect
16 Determination of resistance of a wire using Voltmeter and Am-meter
17 Relationship between the resistance and length of wire using Voltmeter and Am-meter
18  Verification of law of resistance in series and parallel combination using Voltmeter  and Am-meter
19  Verification of law of resistance in series and parallel combination using P.O. box
20  Determination of internal resistance of cell using Voltmeter and Am-meter
21  Study of rise and decay of current in LR circuit with a source of constant EMF
22  Determination of resistance of a given wire using Meter Bridge and the specific resistance of the material of the wire
23  Verification of law of resistance in series and parallel combination using MeterBridge
24  Determination of internal resistance of cell using Voltmeter and Resistance box
25  Determination of specific resistance of a material and difference between two small Resistances using carry Foster’s Bridge
26  Determination of the value of horizontal components of Earth Field (BH) using Tangent Galvanometer and Am-meter
27  Determination of ‘J’ by Callendar and Barne’s method
28  Determination of Velocity of sound in air
29  Study of Power Factor with frequency of a given coil using CRO
30 Determination of Stefan’s Constant
31 Study of Electro-Magnetic induction and verification of Farady’s Laws
32  Study of thermo E.M.F. using Digital DC micro-voltmeter and sand bath
33  Study of the random Decay and determination of Decay constant using statistical board
34  Study of the Viscous Fluid (AIR) damping of a compound pendulum
35  Study of Electromagnetic Damping of a compound pendulum and to find out the variation of damping co-efficient with the distance of the conducting Lamina
36  Determination of value of Modulus of Rigidity of the material of given wire with Maxwell’s needle
37  Study of compound pendulum system, study of oscillations in mixed modes and Determination of the period of energy exchange between the two oscillators
38 Study of the verification of time period with amplitude in large angle oscillations Using compound pendulum
39 Study of Damping using compound pendulum
40 Study of excitation of normal modes and frequency spliting measurements using coupled oscillators
41 Study of the frequency of energy transfer as a function of coupling strength using Coupled Oscillators
42 To find out melting point of a given substance using platinum resistance thermometer
43 Determination of Young’s Modulus by bending beam
44 To determine the value of Young’s Modulus of rigidity and poisson’s ratio by Searle’s apparatus
45  Determination of the ballistic constant of a Ballistic Galvanometer
46 Measurement of resistivity of semiconductor by four probe method at different temp. and determination of the band gap
47  Susceptibility of parmagnetic solution by Quincke’s method
48  Hall Effect experiment set-up
49  Newton ring experimental set-up
50  Refractive Index of prism by spectrometer
 51 Refractive Index of liquid by spectrometer
 52 Measurement of wavelength by diffraction grating by spectrometer
 53 Resolving power of a prism by spectrometer
 54 Resolving power of a telescope
 55 Refractive Index of prism using I.D. curve by spectrometer
 56 Determination of Cauchy’s constant by spectrometer
 57 Absorption Co-efficient of liquid with the help of photo voltaic cell method
 58 Determination of Hysteresis Loss of a transformer by C.R.O.
 59 Variation of the angle of rotation of the plane of polarization using polarimeter
 60 Measurement of wavelength of sodium light by diffraction grating
 61 Refractive Index of prism using sodium light by spectrometer
 62  Young’s Modulus ‘Y’ of glass by Cornu’s method
 63  Curie temperature of monel metal
 64  Absorption spectrum of Iodine vapour
 65  Plank’s constant by spectrometer and photo voltaic cell
 66 Polarisation of light by simple reflaction
 67 Brewter’s angle and refractive index of glass by using spectrometer and Polaroid
 68  Malus law (Cosine square law) for plane polarized light by photo voltaic cell
 69  Elliptically polarized light by means of photo voltaic cell
 70 Fresenel’s formula for the reflaction of light by spectrometer
 71  Harmenn’s formula using a prism and spectrometer
 72  Dispersive power of a plane transmission diffraction grating
 73  Refractive indices of calcite for the ordinary and extra ordinary rays by spectrometer
 74  Magnifying power of telescope by slit method using a microscope
 75  Hydrogen spectrum and Rydberg’s constant
 76  Melde’s experiment using electrically tuning fork
 77  Thickness of a thin foil by wedge method arrangement
 78  Frequency of AC supply and capacitance of a capacitor by using electrical vibrator
 79  Experiments with Sonometer
 80  Temperature co-efficient of resistance of conductors
 81  Conductivity of a solution using a P.O. box and moving coil galvanometer
 82  Resolving power of a diffraction grating by spectrometer
 83  The wave length of sodium light and thickness of a Mica sheet with the help of a Fresenel’s Bi-Prism
 84  Dispersive power of the material of prism by spectrometer
 85  Comparison of capacities of two condensers using coulomb meter
 86 High resistance by leakage method using digital D.C.microvoltmeter
 87  Measurement of high resistance by substitution using digital nanometer
 88  Comparison of capacities method of mixtures using coulomb meter
 89  Determination of capacitance of a capacitor using coulomb meter
 90  Characteristics of a solar cell
 91  Fermi energy apparatus
 92  Resistance and current sensitivity of moving coil galvanometer using P.O. box
 93  Moment of Inertia of given body using Inertia table
 94  Determination of the value ‘g’ with bar pendulum
 95  Verification of Newton’s law of cooling
 96  Determination of specific heat of a given liquid by Newton’s law of cooling
 97  Finding the focal length of a convex lens by displace method
 98  Finding the focal length of a convex mirror using plane mirror and convex lens
 99  Determination of the refractive index of a liquid using concave mirror
 100 Determination of acceleration due to gravity using simple pendulum and finding Length of second pendulum